Wives Tell Us The Challenges They Never Expected In Marriage

Marriage comes with its highs and lows, and no matter how prepared you think you are, you will still get some surprises!

We asked some Naija wives what they never expected in marriage, or wished they knew before getting married. Here is what they said!
Wives Tell Us The Challenges They Never Expected In Marriage
Being married, having kids and having a career is serious work! Enjoy your spinsterhood while it lasts – if you are single.
I didn’t understand how your freedom dies when you get married. I no longer take decisions on my own – where to go, what to eat – anything! It’s now about “all of us” and “we”
Being dis-virgined on my wedding night was hell. Thought it would be amazing. Well it got interesting after that…
I thought love would grow with my husband, it didn’t. I dread him touching me, there’s no love, no chemistry, no intimacy. It’s been frustrating. Please be attracted to whoever you want to get married to.
I never thought Mills and Boons novels were lying to me all those years! Marriage is not a bed of roses!


Love needs to be nurtured otherwise it dies. I discovered that little actions are what make love thrive. Once I neglect the little things, the joy and love slowly reduces
The first few years were harder than I expected. We fought, were hurt, but forgave each other. Once we adapted to each other, it became beautiful. You need to stay strong and be patient.
I married not only him, but his whole family! I practically inherited everything – the obligations, stresses and benefits. They are great anyway- just a little nosy
I’m not always wildly attracted to him. When we were single it was so intense now we have cooled down (laughs). But our love is more grounded and solid now.
Having a life before marriage is very important. I think I got married too early. I should have waited a bit longer. I love my kids but at 37, I feel like I buried my potentials and dreams for marriage. I love my kids though.
He still doesn’t like going to church. I though getting married would change that.

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