PAULINE’S LIFE OF PAIN - When I try to stand, the balls pull me down.

IT STARTED as a small itching blister next to her punani. But the blister grew into big balls that have made Pauline’s life a living hell.

She is now confined to her bed and lives in unbearable pain.

Paulina Masuku (59) from Daveyton, Ekurhuleni said life has taken a sad turn for her.

“I am lying between life and death. I cry every day for help. I feel like there are needles piercing me.”

She said the two balls are not only painful, but heavy. “When I try to stand up, they pull me down. If I have to sit down, I’m sitting on them.”
Pauline Masuku from Daveyton can’t walk because of the heavy balls between her legs. Photo by Lucky Maibi
Paulina said she can’t do anything for herself.

“I go hungry while there’s food in the house. I can’t stand up to make something to eat for myself. I have to wait for people to come back from wherever they go.”

Pauline said her problems started in 2008 when she was in a car accident that landed her in hospital for three months.

“I was better when I came out of the hospital. I could walk.”
But in 2010 she said noticed a small blister that emerged on her thigh.

“At first I thought it would heal. But it kept on growing bigger and bigger every day. I have been to many doctors, hospitals and specialists but none of them has been able to help me.”

) Morne Goosen of Christo Strydom Nutrition Clinic in George, Western Cape said Pauline suffers from lymphoedema.

“To improve her lymph, she needs to cut out all sugar from her diet. Refined carbohydrates should also be avoided at all cost. A high-fibre, greens, fruit and veg diet should be followed and protein should be kept to a minimum,” Morne said.
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