Signs She Is More Of A Gold Digger

Relationship Tips – Heck, it costs a lot to keep her happy.

The gold digger can be defined as a woman whose main reason for hooking up is so that she can gain material benefits from the latest sponge she’s dating. She is one of them if she has the following characteristics:

1. She Never Pays

When the bill arrives at the table, she pretends it doesn’t exist. It’s always up to you to settle it, and she never even offers to pay or go Dutch. Basically, a gold digger takes for granted that you’re a gentleman, and when it comes to shelling out money, you’re the one for the job.
Signs She Is More Of A Gold Digger

2. She Hates Other Women

Always dressed in the finest clothing and looking gorgeous, the gold digger flaunts the fact that she likes to take care of herself. But it’s with other people’s money, of course. Since she places emphasis on her looks, she is wary of and competitive with other desirable women and dislikes their company if they are just as gorgeous or as status-endowed as she is. Clearly, her behavior is caught up in insecurity.

3. She uses her Looks for Short-term Gain

She has to get to the front of the line at clubs, so she pops open a button on her cleavage-exposing top. She wants her neighbor to change her car tire so she won’t be late for lunch with the girls, so she walks over to him in a figure-flattering dress to make him drool. The gold digger uses her looks for short-term gain, and she probably charmed you that way too. But she doesn’t use her looks for long-term goals, simply because she doesn’t have any.

4. She is Status-obsessed

The gold digger craves high status, thinking that she can gain it by how she looks and dresses. She’ll regularly snub people whom she perceives as having a low status, like the homeless or those working in service jobs. On dates, she’s more likely to appear impressed if men tell her they own an Audi R8 than if they mention that they help out at soup kitchens on Sundays.

5. Her Friends are Gold diggers

As the saying goes, you can tell a lot about someone from the company they keep. If your girlfriend spends time with other women who seem to show signs of being gold diggers, or you’ve heard gossip about their behavior, chances are she could well be influenced by their tendencies. It’s a good idea to keep your hand on your wallet.

6. She’s Curious About Your Financial Status

Your girlfriend has been interested in hearing about your career and financial status from day one. Though you might mistake her curiosity for interest in your life, she’s probably sussing you out to ensure you will be able to pay her way through the relationship.

7. She Climbs Boyfriends

Instead of climbing the corporate ladder, the gold digger straps on her Manolos to use boyfriends as stepping stones. In fact, looking back on her relationship history, you’re likely to find that each guy she’s dated has been richer than the last. You’re her promotion to a more fabulous, expensive life.

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