Selena Gomez In Deep After Showing Off Her… Ankle?

Selena Gomez might have set foot into some fresh controversy over the holiday. The local-born star quickly pulled an Instagram picture in which she flashed her ankle to the United Arab Emirates on Friday. You can see the image and read all the details here thanks to eonline.
Selena Gomez In Deep After Showing Off Her… Ankle?
Having actively revealed much more of herself in the same feed last year, it seems surprising that the pop star should suffer more for this offense than any of her other social media activity. Still, the gesture is highly inappropriate in the UAE, especially given that the image was snapped during a visit to a mosque.
Given that she was otherwise in compliance with cultural rules for propriety, it’s safe to assume that the ankle-flashing was intended to be either cheeky or rebellious. Possibly both.

Everybody take notes: respecting other cultures is cool; making them punch lines causes trouble.
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