The Reasons Why Every Man Is Attracted To A Well Dressed Woman

A beautifully-dressed woman would turn heads wherever she goes; she’s the kind of woman who knows how to dress to any occasion and do it superbly —whether she’s dressed official, casual, for a wedding, party, beach, dinner date or anything at all, every man just seems to admire with his eyes.

The Reasons Why Every Man Is Attracted To A Well Dressed Woman
We have earlier done an article on why every woman is attracted to a well-dressed man; now I turn the table around—5 reasons why every man is attracted to a beautifully-dressed woman—are you that woman?

A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, but you all would agree with me that the way a woman dresses could add or reduce the way people notice and appreciate her beauty. I’ve seen so many beautiful women that don’t get much appreciation and so many not-too-beautiful women that turn eyes wherever they go—this has a lot to do with fashion—a woman’s beauty is more seen and appreciated when she’s beautifully dressed.

There is this aura or confidence that exudes from a person when they know that they are beautifully dressed. Let me create a better image in your mind; picture a little kid in a new dress, that kid is excited and is happy and confident because the kid has that perception of being attractive because of that new dress, that same aura can be used to describe the swagger of a beautifully dressed woman—she knows she’s looking good and people are admiring her, so it adds that confidence to her personality—you should know confidence is very attractive.

There is something about a woman that’s beautifully dressed, it attracts something to the brain, probably the amygdala; a beautifully dressed woman seems adventurous (not necessarily in a promiscuous way) and every man loves adventure. If you could do an experiment, you would notice that a beautifully dressed woman might get that different look from men even more than a woman that’s just beautiful but not beautifully dressed. Already, we know by now that men are more attracted to women in red.

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