Nigerian Witch hunter evangelist may sue UK charities for defamation

It is not rosy times for Nigerian Pentecostal preachers, especially those connected with the UK, as many of them seem to be making the news for all the wrong reasons.

A few weeks ago, we broke the news of the barring of front-line Bishop David Oyedepo from the UK by the Home Office. Then there was the news of the other half of the Christ Embassy Empire, Pastor Anita Oyakilome, suing for divorce from her husband pastor Chris Oyakilome at a London court. Now the news is that rabid witch hunter, Helen Ukpabio, who likes to be addressed as Lady Apostle, is suing the UK charities the British Humanist Association (BHA) and the Witchcraft and Human Rights Information Network (WHRIN) for defamation.
Nigerian Witch hunter evangelist may sue UK charities for defamation
Ukpabio’s, who achieved infamy in Nigeria for her ministry’s effort in branding vulnerable kids with the witchcraft tags, thereby making them targets of abuse, is suing over what she claims is the ‘wrongful’ wording of the complaints against he that led to the UK barring her from the country. The complaints had indicated that Ukpabio states that Satan possesses children who cry or get sick at night. Ukpabio contends that while these kids are indeed possessed, it is by black, red and vampire witchcraft spirits, not Satan.

Ukpabio believes the use of the word Satan, instead of Vampire witchcraft spirit will make people see her as a bad person. She is threatening to sue for half a billion Pounds. Source
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