Girl Doesn’t Text Back? Here’s What You Do Next

When it comes to starting out a new relationship, it all comes down to texting. Texting is the single most used method by men and women to start dating. However, many girls do not text back due to various reasons.

If you are that unlucky guy who is in this situation where the girl doesn’t text back, you have come to the right place. Here you will discover how to behave if a girl does reply to your text messages and how to use your skills to get her to text you back.
Girl Doesn’t Text Back? Here’s What You Do Next

How It All Begins
Let’s say you begin a conversation with a nice looking girl. You spend around one hour in her overwhelming presence and you feel like she’s the best girl in the whole world. It all goes extremely well, so you get the courage to finally ask her out to try to meet up some other time to continue the conversation.

This is the first step – asking for her phone number. The next logical step is to send her a text message. However, if she does not reply, what will you do?

First of all, let’s see some reasons why that beautiful and attractive lady does not bother texting you back.

Main Reasons She Won’t Text You Back
  • She might be busy: most of us are extremely busy today. We live in a hectic world where many have to work two jobs in order to keep their heads above water.If she gets up at 6 am and she has to be at 7 am at the office, and then at 4 pm she needs to be at her second office, she will probably be home by 12 am at night. The next thing she remembers is taking a shower and crashing into the bed, quickly falling asleep from exhaustion. She might see your message only the next day or when the weekend comes.
  • Wrong number: she might have programmed it in wrong intentionally or given you a fake number. In this case you’re out of luck my friend.
  • Minimal interest: she might be too busy to have a relationship or she might just have given you her number to be polite. In this case, you can use some tips to spike her interest and make her invest in you more.
  • The message is not good enough: the first message is crucial for making a good impression and sparking her interest. Keep it playful, edgy, and flirty. A little role-playing does wonders.

Tips & Tricks to Get Her Interest
When sending out texts make that they’re memorable, funny and stir up some emotion in her to give her a reason to respond back. Also it’s always good to end your messages with a question to give her some bait to work with.

It is of paramount importance to realize that persistence via text can do wonders. However, you need to know where to draw the line.

While it is important to remain cool you must never text or call a girl just to look needy and ask for compassion. You want to be seen as an attractive and popular guy, not as a sad or poor boy. Never write things like: “I need you so much” or “I just want to know you more blah blah blah”.

You should also remember that, in order to avoid these unpleasant situations where the girl doesn’t text back, you need to create a strong level of attraction in the initial meet up.

Moreover, you need to conduct an honest case study of your interaction with her, remembering her behavior and body language towards you. If she gave you a wrong number or if she looks totally uninterested, it is a very difficult situation to salvage. However, if she seems interested, you can use all your skills and learn new ones to get her out with you.

Under no circumstances should you try to persuade her to call you or text you back by reproaching her or by rebuking her. If you go step by step, you should be able to persuade her to hang out with you and convince her you are a fun guy who only wants to know more about her.

Most importantly you need to have an aloof attitude and not really care if she responds back. This will relieve some of the pressure of looking at your phone every five minutes, which is definitely a bad idea. Resist this urge like the plague.

The Bottom Line
If the girl doesn’t text back, you must not lose your hope or be disappointed. Use your persuasion skills and be creative in composing a top-notch message. Once you’ve got yourself with a date, it is time to stop texting. You are already on the right path to success.

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