Women Nature and Culture

By Tariro Rachel Masaraure 
The connection between women and nature revolves around reproduction. In this case when talking of nature we are regarding the earth. The earth from a scientific point of view is the only planet that has got the capacity to reproduce or to give life. Therefore, just as the earth, women have the capacity to build, bear fruit and give life. This why it is sometimes referred to as mother earth in the sense that their characteristics are more or like the same

Women Nature and Culture
Just as the earth gives oxygen to humans and animals, carbon dioxide to plants as a way of sustaining them, so is a woman to her family and community. She has got faithful arms that will never fail those around her.

Another connection between women and nature relates to beauty. For example, in spring buds begin to take shape waiting to bloom, and in this case a woman blooms from childhood to a mature woman. Women loves looking good. They are very conscious about colors just as flowers.

However, the connection between women and nature in relationship to beauty also provides a connection to culture. Culture, including art, music, architecture and literature, often uses women as a source of inspiration because of their beauty and nurturing.

Gaining inspiration from the power of women is not delegated strictly to men. A woman is more than just an inspiration. Therefore, men should not fear to acknowledge her power because by recognizing her power, they strengthen their own as they are fruit of her womb.

Above all, who is not born of a woman???
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