Woman: Mudzimai

By Tariro Rachel Masaraure
Mudzimai is a shona name commonly used to refer to a woman, wife or mother. However, this word is made up two nouns which are “mudzi” + “mai” translated in English as “root” and “mother”. I believe when names were given to objects, the meaning could carry some of their main characteristics. In this case “MUDZIMAI” i.e “root” + “mother’ were combined to come up with a word which defines a woman.

To begin with, what are the major functions of a root?
  1. It gives support to the tree.
  2. It stores nutrients.
  3. It distributes nutrients to the rest of tree.
  4. It absorbs water and nutrients.
Woman: Mudzimai
What is a mother? In simpler terms, a mother is female and has got a unique capacity of giving birth or brings life to the world. Therefore, considering the combination of “root” + “mother” (mudzi+mai), it is crystal clear that a woman is of even greater value in the family. Acting as a root, she gives support to the family. When a root is cut, the root falls down because the support is gone. The root is known for its food storage and distribution to other parts of the tree and for a woman she is responsible for the food consumption and security of her family.

Furthermore, the root absorbs water and nutrients from the soil which benefits other parts of the tree. Same applies to a woman, educated or not, rich or poor, she absorbs all the knowledge needed on how to take care of the family be it diet, hygiene, health care, economics and anything you can think of.

To anyone reading this article, we are born of women. Let us love our mothers, wives, daughters and sisters just as we love ourselves. Let us appreciate their effort at all spheres of life. Remember the saying “behind every successful man, there is a woman.” Let us join hands and fight abuse, rape and violence against women.

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