What Men Hate to Hear in Bed

Some things are not even supposed to be said when you are with him in bed; these phrases made them look like they not good enough for you and that can make him start thinking otherwise. I asked a couple of friends what those things could be and I have to draft out this list:

What Men Hate to Hear in Bed
YOU ARE NOT MAN ENOUGH: Oouch! You just hit him hard on the head. How would you say that? Whether in bed or not, a woman shouldn't say that.

A KNOCK ON THE DOOR: Ahhh, why now? Not this time, not when he is about to start an important race of life for a gold medal, probably, a crown. Kindly, watch it, be conscious of when a man should be with his woman. Make a call before stepping out. Period!

COMPARISM WITH YOUR EX: You don't have to do this even if you don't enjoy it, you can stylishly teach him and tell him more about it. Really, men hate it when you tell them, your ex can do it better. This is not funny at all.

UNNECESSARY COMPLAIN: Some women just feel the best time to nag is in bed or you choose to padlock it if he doesn't apologize but really, that's not the best way to go about it, not even when he is set for action. Please, keep the complain till a more suitable time to sort issues out. One of my friends who wouldn't want his name mentioned rightly said, "my take is that, say what is bothering you but politely and after the sex he will listen to you more. Always try to be active and alive during sex, every man likes that."

'YOU SMELL BAD': You can go about this politely. You can urge him to have his bath instead of telling him, he smells bad.

ANOTHER MAN'S NAME: You don't even go there. How can you call him with someone else's name. This is bad, please, don't try this.

I'M TIRED: When you tell a man you are tired, especially when nothing has been done, you send a signal to him that you are seeing someone else. He might choose not to answer you immediately but he knows what he would do afterwards.

I just did a list. What do you think a men hate to hear in bed.
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