Signs He Loves You

Here’s a funny thing I’ve learned about women in the dating game — we tend to watch out for the “red flags” too much. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing — you’ll have to KNOW what the “warning signs” are in a relationship in order to protect yourself from an impending bad break-up. But sometimes, in dating, you CAN be too careful — and you end up watching out for the bad signs so closely that you fail to notice the GOOD signs!

Women have the tendency to focus on the BAD signs in hundreds (maybe even thousands) of men. And if you’re not careful, it could be in YOU, too! Please, let’s take a break from watching out for the bad signs, and instead focus on the GOOD signs. There are quite a few of them out there, and we’ll be talking about five of the most common ones. Here they are:

Signs He Loves You
Sign #1 – He Keeps In Touch. If he keeps in touch every single day, it means he cares enough about you to make sure your lines of communication are kept open. He knows that communication is a very real PILLAR of strength for any relationship, and strives to make sure that pillar stays intact. Does he keep in touch often? If he makes it a point to get in touch at least once a day, even through a simple text message, then it’s a sign that he loves you!

Sign#2 – He Keeps Photos Of You. Most commitment-phobic men don’t keep photos of their girlfriends, even on their Facebook profiles. This is because they still like the anonymity of online flirting, and when the women they meet over the Internet see that they’re still “single,” things can get a bit more interesting. And once they show (or merely mention) you on their Facebook profiles, women start to stay away from him. So he avoids doing so altogether. The nerve! So if he keeps photos of you, it’s a good sign! Whether it’s in his wallet or on his Facebook profile page, if he keeps photos of you, it means he loves you. It means he’s not afraid of showing the world the woman he wants to share the rest of his life with.

Sign #3 – He Asks How Your Day Was. What does it mean when he asks how your day was? It’s not just a great conversation-starter, but it also shows something much deeper — it shows that he’s genuinely interested in your everyday life. He wants to know more about it, so he could be a better part of it. Of course, that’s a good sign! You’ll be surprised at how many single men out there don’t really care about your day, and only really care about what you’ll be doing tonight… if you know what I mean. So if your man is mature enough to regularly ask about your day, then pat yourself on the back — you’ve found yourself a rare gem!

#5 – He Talks About The Future. Here’s the clincher — if a man truly loves you, he WILL talk to you about the future. And yes, he’ll talk about the future with YOU in it. He’ll talk about getting a house, he’ll talk about starting a family, he’ll talk about whether you want a boy or a girl first. These are “heavy” things that the weaker, emotionally-unavailable men can’t BEAR to talk about! So if he talks about the future, don’t laugh at him. Instead, listen. And imagine it. And help him paint his dreams for the relationship into reality!
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