Research Supports What Women Have Suspected: Men Threatened By Successful Women

By: Krystle Crossman
Women these days are becoming more and more successful in the workforce and running their own businesses. Often times they are more successful than their significant others. While this may be good for the women, it is creating some negativity and hostility with the men in their lives. New studies have shown that while men may not express their feelings, they are left feeling insecure and hostile because their partner is more successful than they are.

Research Supports What Women Have Suspected: Men Threatened By Successful Women
This negative attitude happens in many relationships. Sometimes the two aren’t even in a related field with their careers, but there is still that old societal stereotype that the man should be the breadwinner and should have a better job as opposed to the woman. This is also causing some negativity due to the saying “a woman behind every successful man” but the saying “a man behind every successful woman” does not exist. When women become successful often times it is seen as the woman being independent and driven, climbing to the top by herself with no help from anyone else.

Researchers from the University of Virginia asked male participants a series of questions and gauged their responses. They used both verbal and non-verbal responses. Most of the men were upset when their partner were more successful because they had a fear that their significant other would leave them as they were left feeling inadequate. The women on the other hand felt that they had more positive prospects in the relationship if they were successful.

The study also showed that men’s self-esteem took a huge hit. They felt a loss of self-esteem when their partner was successful in their careers and also when they did well in certain social situations. The women however were unaffected by these two outcomes when the roles were reversed.
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