How To Be Romantic

Remember the last time you watched a romantic movie? Remember how it made you feel? Those men were more romantic than any other man on the planet! They were doing all the right things. Sure, they might have messed up – but they made up for it with romantic flair. In the end, they got the girl. And the girl was HAPPY. The kind of romance we see in the movies is what we want. It makes us feel good. It reminds us of how special we are to him.

How To Be Romantic
But what about HIM?
That’s right. A smart woman never forgets that a man needs some romance, too. Men need to feel loved and cherished. They want to feel worshipped. It’s something they would never admit to the guys, or maybe even to you. But they love to be romanced!

How can a woman romance a man without going too far? You want him to always know you are a LADY, after all. A man should never forget how important it is to romance YOU.

But you can – and should – return the favor. Here are a few ways to make it happen.

Men don’t require much in the way of romance. The candlelit dinners and flowers and satin sheets just don’t work for them the way they work for us. When it comes to romancing a man, keep it simple!

Sure, you can go to elaborate lengths to make sure he has a great romantic surprise. But here’s a secret: You don’t have to! Simple romance in your living room is enough to get his heart racing.

Cook dinner for him. Give him a massage. Turn on his favorite game and watch it with him. Stock the refrigerator with his favorite beer. The little things count. The simple things matter! That’s where romance starts – with the small things that make him feel cherished.

Men are very visual creatures. All kinds of studies have been done that prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that a man looks at your body before he looks at anything else.

So why not play that to your advantage? A man will probably not ask you to buy sexy lingerie to wear for him. He probably won’t mention how much he likes it when you wear low-cut tops. He might not even mention that you looked smoking hot in those heels last weekend! But whether he says it or not, he LOVES it.

How does that equal being romantic? Simple – you give him what he wants, and he doesn’t have to ask. He will notice the new lingerie and be grateful for it. He will lust after those new high heels. He will raise an eyebrow when you unbutton that one extra button on your shirt. It’s seduction and romance in one!

Showing him you understand him and trust him are great ways to be romantic.

Here’s a great way to start: Let’s say he hasn’t been out with the boys in a very long time. You know he wants to go to the sports bar and have a few cold ones while he watches the game. But he feels an obligation to stay home with you on the weekends.

Surprise him by asking him to call up his buddies and make plans. Make plans of your own with your girlfriends. Set him loose for a night! In fact, INSIST on it. He will see your gesture as understanding his need for time with his friends. He will see it as one of the most romantic things you have ever done for him.

It is a tale as old as civilization - literally. A man wants to be the hero. The breadwinner. The alpha male. He wants to be your knight in shining armor.So let him! The next time you need something done around the house – even if it is something you can do yourself – give him a call and ask for his help.

It will blow him away! He will get there as soon as he can to help out his damsel in distress. You can watch him work, bring him a cool glass of water (or a nice cold beer) and thank him for a job well done. It can be tough for strong, independent women to let their guard down. It can be tough to let someone else take over.
 But when you let him take care of you - even just a little bit – he feels like king of the world.

This is one of those things every man dreams about. He wants to know that he is on your mind.

Sometimes it is good to keep a man guessing. The more intrigued he is by what you think, the more likely he will be to come back around trying to figure you out. But sometimes a man needs to know he really is in your head. The perfect time to do this is when he is having a rough day. Maybe work has been tough. Maybe he has had an argument with a friend. Whatever the reason, he feels terrible about himself.

One of the most romantic gestures you can make at that point is a simple comment.
“I was thinking about you today.”
“I missed you a little this afternoon.”
“I saw a commercial and it made me laugh and I thought about you.”

Those simple words, said at just the  right time, will make a man melt like butter on a hot stove. Suddenly his bad day is so much better! Your words will stick with him. He will remember what you said. It will make him smile.

That sweet feeling of warmth you gave him? That’s all about YOU. A man who has had a great moment like that will always want to come back for more. Romance is a win-win situation. YOU get the good feeling of doing something special for him. HE gets the thrill of being romanced.

That makes HIM want YOU even more than he did before. The more time he spends with you, the more likely you are to romance him again. The more you romance him, the closer you get!

Now is the time to start that sweet cycle. Let him make romantic gestures. Enjoy them. Then surprise him with a little romance thrown in his direction and watch his desire for you increase!

You BOTH deserve it.
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